Hiking holiday in WittgensteinHiking in and around Bad Laasphe-Feudingen

Our hotel in the Auerbachtal is quietly situated in a side valley of the upper Lahn, at the edge of the forest and not far from the centre of Feudingen. An ideal starting point to start your hiking holiday and to explore the fascinating low mountain range landscape. Varied walks and hikes will take you into beautiful meadow valleys and forests rich in wildlife in the Rothaargebirge.

Let yourself be inspired by particularly charming hiking trails. Hike along the Lahn hiking trail or the Rothaarsteig trail Ilsetalpfad. Or travel to one of the most beautiful Rothaarsteig stages at the foot of the Ginsburg directly by train. Impressive and demanding in equal measure describes the Wittgensteiner Schieferpfad. Equally recommendable is a fulfilling hiking day on the panoramic Via Adrina trail. Afterwards, enjoy a drink in our garden or by the fireplace as well as our excellent cuisine.


Regional circular and themed trails

Wittgensteiner Schieferpfad

The Wittgensteiner Schieferpfad (Slate Trail) is ranked third in the hit list of the best premium trails in North Rhine-Westphalia with 64 points. Hike along the 13 km long circular trail and trace the history of slate mining. The breathtaking idyll of nature will inspire you! On the hiking trail with partly alpine hiking sections you will be guided through four different nature reserves. Imposing rock formations, majestic veteran trees, idyllic bodies of water as well as mysterious forests await you.

For the demanding Wittgensteiner Schieferpfad a good physical condition as well as suitable footwear are necessary. Please also remember to bring appropriate refreshments and, if necessary, hiking poles on the approximately five-hour tour

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Rothaarsteig trail Ilsetalpfad

Almost on the doorstep of our Hotel im Auerbachtal is an entrance portal to the Rothaarsteig trail, the Ilsetalpfad (length: 16.5 km, 645 metres in altitude). Above all, remember to bring sufficient rucksack provisions! From the Feudingen entry point (at the Vesperinsel next to Markisen Kuly), the 16.5 km long Ilsetalpfad - accompanied by the Lahn, Ilse and Weidelbach - leads you through open landscapes with small slate rocks and wonderful views of the Bad Laasph villages. It goes through whimsical Kyrill areas with natural wild growth and deep forests.

Adventurous - the path through the enchanted Ilsetal with its mystical rock faces.

Romantic - the Weidelbach pond with water lilies in the warm season.

Historic - the path over the Bettelmannsbuche, where pilgrims used to camp on their way to the source of the Ilse and charcoal-carters on their way to the coal and iron road.

Majestic - the views from the Lahnhelle on the way to Volkholz

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There is much to seeHiking on the Rothaarsteig

Natural. Sensual. Rothaarsteig.

What do you love most about hiking? The closeness and idyll of nature, the active relaxation, the unmistakable silence, the scent of the seasons, the little wonders along the way, the taste of fresh spring water, the good conversations? Or simply the feeling of well-being that comes as the sum of all this?

Then welcome to the Rothaarsteig, the "Path of the Senses". In the middle of Germany, it grounds your senses, mind and soul over 154 panoramic kilometres and satisfies your longing for security.

The Rothaarsteig leads you safely to your destination thanks to exemplary signposting and infrastructure. It accompanies you to yourself, it invites you to trust your own perception by seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. It convinces your demand for quality and authenticity by letting you discover the real, the original. On the way as well as during the stopover.

Get to know the Rothaarsteig during your hiking holiday. You will find a second home. That's a promise!

We look forward to seeing you. See you soon on the "Path of the Senses"

To the Rothaarsteig

The Rothaarsteig in stages

For all those who not only want to "hike" a selected section of the Rothaarsteig, but would like to experience it completely, the "Path of the Senses" is divided into 6, 8 or 12 stages. The respective sections vary in length between 15 and 25 kilometres.

Please contact us to find out how you can optimally arrange the stages from our hotel. We will be happy to advise you on your hiking holiday!

Our Hotel im Auerbachtal offers an ideal location for hiking one or other Rothaarsteig stage.

Discover the Rothaarsteig stage from Hilchenbach-Lützel to the Lahnhof!

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Start relaxed from the hotel

Our Hotel im Auerbachtal is the perfect starting point for your hiking holiday in Wittgenstein. Practically on the doorstep you can explore and experience the Rothaarsteig and the Wisent Welt Wittgenstein.

Afterwards, relax in our winter garden or on our terrace, swim a few lengths in our indoor pool or enjoy a soothing massage in our wellness area. We will also spoil you with culinary delights - in a fine and light way.

Pure varietyHiking in the Upper Lahn Valley

Hiking in the Lahn Valley

Do you like variety in your hiking holiday? Then the Upper Lahn Valley is exactly the right address for your next holiday in Wittgenstein.

Hiking in the Lahntal means pure variety: lush forest landscapes as well as wide fields and meadows - picturesquely criss-crossed by small streams - form the charming setting for a first-class nature experience. But hiking in the Upper Lahn Valley also means enjoying the view of medieval castles and castle ruins. The Lahn Valley stretches from the Rothaargebirge mountains through the Burgwald forest, the Lahn-Dill mountain range and the Westerwald forest to the northern Taunus hills.

A network of hiking trails over 350 kilometres long leads from Feudingen, leaving hardly anything to be desired. The different routes lead you through picturesque and original mountain forests and valley meadows.


The popular Lahnwanderweg - the main hiking trail in our region - stretches a full 290 km from the source of the Lahn near Feudingen to where it flows into the Lahn. In 2017, the hiking trail, which is divided into 19 stages, was once again certified as a "Wanderbares Deutschland" quality trail.

Awarded this distinction, the Lahnwanderweg promises a unique hiking experience. Rely on supportive markings during your hike and enjoy the excellent infrastructure. Hike carefree - together with your family, your friends or just for yourself. Experience seemingly endless forests, rare wildlife and a variety of different plants of the region during your hiking holiday

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To the Lahn hiking trail

For beginners and professionals

Each individual region has its own charm and offers the best conditions for hiking in the Lahntal. So there are numerous hiking routes - for inexperienced walkers to "professional hikers". Everyone will find the right thing here!

Are you looking for the perfect starting point for hiking in the Lahn Valley? Our hotel in the Auerbachtal is only a short distance away and offers cosy comfort during your hiking holiday in Feudingen!

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