Siegen-Wittgenstein districtCultural highlights in the vicinity

Wittgenstein has many cultural highlights to offer. Use your holiday in our Hotel im Auerbachtal and get to know some of them, our tips:

✓ Elisabeth Church and Landgrave's Castle in the old university town Marburg

✓ Wilhelmsturm and casemates in Dillenburg, city of the Oranians

✓ The Siegerland Museum in the Upper Castle with works by Peter Paul Rubens, probably the city's greatest son, and the renowned Museum for contemporary art in Siegen

Philharmonic Orchestra of South Westphalia with roots in the work of the Busch brothers, a world-famous family of musicians

✓ International Music Festival Week at Berleburg Castle

Scenic costume tours in Berleburg Castle and in the upper town as Count Casimir. Gabriele Rahrbach offers high-level cheeky and historically accurate entertainment for groups from 10/15 people but also for individuals.

Radio- and Mushroom Museum Bad Laasphe

✓ The internationally renowned light artist Otto Piene, a son of the town of Bad Laasphe

Apollo Theatre in Siegen and Kultur-Pur on the Giller near Hilchenbach

Dates for upcoming eventsEvents in Wittgenstein

Hopefully again in May 2021
Wollmarkt Bad Berleburg

Hopefully again in September 2021
Autumn market Bad Laasphe

Hopefully again in September 2021
Literaturpflaster "Norway"

Hopefully again in October 2021
Wittgensteiner Erntedank with bread market

Hopefully again in November 2021
Christmas Market Bad Laasphe

Hopefully again in December 2021
Lichterglanz Kreuztal

Hopefully again in December 2021
Christmas Market Schmallenberg

Hopefully again in December 2021
Christmas markets Arfeld/ Feudingen

Hopefully again in December 2021
Christmas time journey Bad Berleburg

Hopefully again in December 2021
Christmas Markets Marburg & Siegen